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terça-feira, 12 de outubro de 2010

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - text by Beto De Lucca

Beto De Lucca
What a tremendous resource NLP is when working with clients and coachees! When you have this plethora of skills and techniques to draw from, it is easy to help clients. Experienced NLP Practitioners know what to use from their tool kit that will work. That continues to be true in my experience. Often I get Coaches who want to learn the NLP skills, because while they have the certifications and certain skills, they think they don't have enough resources to coach effectively. 

While we have many choices we don't tell our clients, "take 3 swish patterns, a visual squash, 1 change history and call me in the morning." There is so much more to working with clients than a technique or two. 

For example, I recently had a client with a lifelong phobia. I could have gone right to the fast phobia cure, but I followed Richard Bandler's words from long ago... "in client work 97% is gathering information, 2% is the actual change work and 1% is collecting the fee." 

So I paid attention. The client's language went like this repeatedly, "I would like to control MY fear, MY panic attacks when facing MY phobia. I would like to be I control of MY phobia" When using this language her images were multiple, very close and huge. She was surprised that she created the terrifying pictures with her use of language. I began to shift the language from my to this to THAT fear and away from "phobia" as well. Shifting the language created distance and was a verbal and visual swish pattern. As she began to model my language, I could see her pictures move off into the distance and get smaller, as her response became less intense and then indifferent. 

This verified my belief that most change takes place on a linguistic level and sensory acuity is the key to doing effective client work. Be aware. LISTEN to your client/coachee. As Richard Bandler has often said the client will tell you what they need. 

My work was almost done. But not yet. We anchored it in with another version of the fast phobia cure and of course hypnosis. I just wanted to stack the deck in her favor. Upon testing, it was gone. One more phobia bit the dust! 

Even when I teach NLP, we spend more time on language and teach the techniques toward the end of the course. Using Hypnosis also serves to anchor in the new behavioral pattern. 
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  1. beto, not bad, para um texto em inglês, e mesmo assir, ser o quarto artigo mais lido na semana eh auspicioso. Sucesso fellow.

  2. thanks my friend... let´s keep moving!!!!!